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The lab conducted several workshops with aid of different organizations for teachers across India.

In last one year or so, starting December 2009 we have conducted several workshops for teachers and teacher trainers throughout India with the aid of different organizations. The sessions are being documented on this page and the pages linked from here.


Workshops on Studio Based Learning


HBCSE_II 16th Nov'10 - 19th Nov'10

  • Bidkhurd School


The Khalapur taluka Zilla Parishad schools had arranged for a workshop for its teachers. About 20 teachers from nearby schools attended this workshop. Done jointly with DBF.

  • Borgaon School Workshop

28-29 August


The Khalapur taluka Zilla Parishad schools had arranged for a workshop for its teachers. About 30 teachers from

nearby schools attended this workshop. Done jointly with DBF.

  • Our Lady of Merces High School, Goa

28 June to 2 July



For the deployment of 200 OLPCs donated by DBF in Our Lady of Merces High School we did a week long workshop for the teachers of this school. Also several teachers from other schools and NIE participated. During this workshop grade 3 of the school was introduced to use the OLPCs. Also a parent meeting was held to make them aware about Sugar learning platform and OLPC. For this school we also hacked a normal SMPS to make a mass charger for OLPCs.



  • Pooornaprgnya Institute of Faculty Improvement, Bangalore

10-12 June


Pooornaprgnya Institute of Faculty Improvement Bangalore is the

part of a wider network of educational institution and is deicated to improving the teachers abilities in their institutions. Teachers from various branches of the school attended this workshop.

  • Wani School, Bangalore

17-21 May 2010-05-wani-b-lore.JPG

Wani Schools have 3 campuses in Bangalore. They had organized a five day workshop at their Rajajinagar branch Bangalore. Teachers from all three branches attended this workshop.

  • KMR Foundation, Hyderabad

13-14 April


KMR foundation in Hyderabad did this workshop for pilot deployment of

30 OLPC in one of the schools rum by them.

  • RV College of Engineering, Bangalore

29-30 March


Teachers from the Karnataka board for education and teacher trainers from IT for Changeand Azim Premji Foundation attended this workshop.

  • NIE, Goa

23 January


Workshop on One Laptop Per Child [OLPC] for Primary School teachers

Organized jointly by HBCSE, Digital Bridge Foundation (DBF) and Nirmala Institute of Education (NIE) at Nirmala Institute of Education Panaji, Goa.

Trainee teachers at NIE and in service teachers at Our Lady of Merces High School attended this workshop.

Some OLPCs were given to NIE for further training of teachers. Our Lady of Merces became one of the first schools with large deployment of OLPCs that we have done in the coming months.



2-4 December

Organized jointly by Digital Bridge Foundation (DBF) and HBCSE.

Teachers from local schools, from the Khairat school, and from Nirmala institute of Education,

Panaji, Goa attended this three day workshop at HBCSE.

Saturday Workshops at Raigad Schools

  • Workshop on Sugar learning Platform in the RZP schools Bid Khurd,Borgaon and Varose,27th Nov; Open Street map Project in and around Bid Khurd School.

Session on Concept Mapping (Mathematics),4th Dec'10