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Welcome to wikiLabs! Here we can collaboratively conduct, discuss, collect data, analyze, write and publish papers in any area of scholarship. We will list some of the ongoing experiments on this page. If you have an idea, create a page for the idea and invite community to join and collaborate.


Creating an Index of complexity of motor actions

Collect data and post at this site

(a) on animals that can move forwards as well as backwards

(b) Identify any 5 common birds in your neighborhood

(c) Score the ones that walk (e.g. pigeon),the ones which hop ( sparrow)


(d) the ones which can walk as well as hop

My Gulmohar starts sprouting fresh leaves in the first week of April; how about yours?

The Peepal tree (Ficus religiosa) next to my school starts sprouting new leaves in the first week of April; how about yours?

The Baniyan tree (Ficus _____) does not sprout in April; or does it?

Note: To become a Registered WikiLabs Collaborative Researcher (WCR), you need to log in or create a new account, in case you do not have one already. In case you have one account already, just log in using name and your password

It is simple:

(i) on the column on the left side, click 'log in'

(ii) when the page opens, click 'Edit', on the top right panel

(iii) Wikilabs box opens for you to enter your matter ( queries, data, suggestions, asking for help etc.)

All your entries (like data, interpretations etc) are documented with date and time and can be viewed by clicking 'My Contributions' displayed on the left panel

Standard Model Systems for Biological Research

Fruit fly (Drosophila) Cultures: Simple technique using Banana Agar Medium

Growing Transgenic flies and using Gal4 UAS system for studying behavior/learning & memory, immunology, neuro-degenarative diseases, cancer etc.

Earthworm (Eudrillus eugeniae) as a Parkinsonian Model

Standard Protocols

Fruit fly larval olfactory behavioral assay

Fruit fly larval learning & memory assays

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