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A metaStudio is a studio where we design our life-styles in such a way that education can happen while we live and work. We invite architects of life and knowledge to think collaboratively around this problem at this space. metaStudio takes advantage of the enhanced social life using the freeMedia, which includes Internet, mobile gadgets.

The best way to define the scope of this engagement is to ask a set of questions that engage people working in a metaStudio.

Can education be reDesigned to keep it closer-to-life?

This question arises because we have seen how school life is so distant from real life. ...

Can we design and reConstruct the spaces around us into a studio, if not a school, where we can learn while being in that space?

Can our schools be reDesigned and reConstructed into brief closer-to-life deviations than prolonged alienation?

We can learn to do lots of things without reflecting on them, or without being able to talk or write about them. Such learning is tacit and modular. The other form of declarative learning happens when we can talk about the actions we do. This aboutness of learning is what makes this studio a metaStudio. Distancing for a while from the very act of doing is therefore necessary to think, talk or write about it. Unfortunately, formal learning in schools takes this necessity too far, by a prolonged distance from the situtation. Can we reduce this distance to minimal detours rather than prolonged classroom periods?.

more questions to come

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